eStatements allow you to view your monthly statements electronically through our website. eStatements replace your paper statements. They include all the same information that your paper statement does, including your check images. They can be viewed, printed, or saved to your hard drive. eStatements are environmentally friendly, secure, and free.

eStatement Enrollment

1. Enrollment 
Login on to your online banking account. The first time you go to the “Documents” tab, you will need to enroll. Complete all of the steps and accept the agreement before continuing.

2. Select the Accounts 
Under “Sign Up/Changes,” place a check mark next to all of the accounts you want to be set up for eStatements and select “Save Settings.”

3. Enrolled Successfully 
You will now see all of the accounts you selected and a message that your “Changes have been successfully saved”.

Documents and Settings
To add or remove accounts from your eStatements, choose “Sign Up/Changes” from the “Documents” sub-menu and place a check mark next to all of the accounts you want to either set up for eStatements or remove. Agree to the terms and the changes will be saved. Your next statement(s) will be received according to your new settings. 

Additional Recipients
Under the “Additional Recipients” tab, you may add additional recipients to your eStatements by entering the other recipient’s Username, Email Address, and an Access PIN. The additional recipient will receive an email notice that the eStatement is available and will be prompted to enter their Username and Access PIN. Make sure to save these settings. 

Questions? Contact us for eStatement enrollment instructions.