By: Meghan von Behren, KFYR-TV

MINOT, N.D. – The employees at First Western Bank and Trust are encouraged to volunteer throughout the Magic City.


“Blueberries and grapes,” said one of the volunteers.

These are just some of the fruits that these First Western Bank and Trust volunteers have to chop for the birds at the Roosevelt Park Zoo.

“We have a lot of animal lovers. They were interested in ways that we can give back. I did a little bit of research and we found some ways that we can participate and this was one of them,” said Sabrina Herrmann, First Western Bank & Trust Marketing Specialist.

This food goes directly to the birds, so the volunteers have to follow guidelines.

“It is very specific. This handy-dandy scale here and we just kind of go line by line and go down the list,” said Kiernan Bullinger, volunteer.

Something as simple as cutting food can help a lot.

“We have usually pretty full, busy days. So any little bit of help, even if it’s for a half hour 45 minutes, can be immensely helpful,” said Lana Erickson, Roosevelt Park Zoo lead aviary keeper.

Giving back and building teamwork all at the same time.