Oil and gas assets are complex in nature. Located in the oil-rich state of North Dakota,
we offer a solution for mineral management. At First Western Bank & Trust we see the
client’s perspective and appreciate their desire for dynamic mineral management and
timely, dependable information.

Full-Service Administration

  • Revenue processing and distribution
  • Division order verification
  • Research for suspended funds
  • Electronic document maintenance
  • Mapping of wells and mineral interests for a visual representation of
    your portfolio
  • Online access to monitor your minerals in real-time
  • Access to personnel for open and regular communication

Proactive Management

  • Analyzing tens to hundreds of wells to ensure payments are made
  • Lease offer evaluation and negotiations
  • Analyzing and negotiating surface easements
  • Coordination with industry partners for legal counsel, title search, title
    opinions and appraisals

Comprehensive Accounting

  • Working interest billing review and payment
  • Extensive reporting and accounting software ensures year-end tax
    needs are met for K1 and 1099 preparation
  • Verify check stub production and prices, spot errors with decimals or
    deductions, and take action to recover missing income.