Investment Services
The Trust Department provides professional investment service for all types of accounts for which it has management responsibility. In determining an appropriate investment objective, we work closely with clients and consider factors such as income and liquidity needs, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax circumstances. A strategic asset allocation (encompassing various asset classes) is implemented using institutional mutual funds or individual securities, selected to meet investment standards and criteria established by the Trust Department.

Trust Investment Committee
The Trust Investment Committee meets on a regular basis to determine the appropriateness and suitability of investments and monitor security positions held in discretionary accounts.

Portfolio Management
The hallmark of the Trust Department’s investment approach is flexibility. The degree of supervision of account assets is dependent on the wishes of the client. In most cases, the Trust Department is given complete and total discretion over the entire portfolio. In other cases, clients may wish to be consulted before specific investment recommendations are implemented. We endeavor to work with clients and beneficiaries to do our best to ensure their needs are met.