1. Avoid clicking on links or attachments in Emails: Cybercriminals can send out emails that look legitimate. If you were not expecting email, attachment or link, don’t automatically assume it is safe. Verify the sender’s email address before opening or clicking links.


  1. Be cautious when visiting and entering information on Websites: Cybercriminals are able to clone websites that are made to steal your personal information. Visit credible sites like firstwestern.bank, cdc.gov, who.int, or your state’s Health Department. Verify website addresses before visiting websites or entering personal information.


  1. Don’t give away your personal information over the phone: Some criminals will also try to get information over the phone. First Western Bank & Trust and other credible organizations will not call you asking for information (they already have your information).


  1. When donating to others, verify where you are making the donation: During a crisis, cybercriminals thrive on people’s desire to give. If you are interested in helping those in need, stick to local or national organizations you can verify.