The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing many concerns. One thing you can count on is the safety of your money in the bank.

You have continued access to your funds and bank services.

You have access to your funds through in-person services and electronic tools, such as mobile apps and online banking.

Your money is safe, secure, and insured.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures individual bank deposits for up to $250,000. No consumer has lost a single penny in the history of this insurance fund. You don’t have the same level of protection when your money is outside the banking system.

First Western is prepared.

Banks prepare for and respond to recessions, natural disasters, and other business disruptions with tested and proven business continuity plans and procedures. Banks have the highest level of security among critical U.S. industries – including energy and telecommunications – and the most stringent regulatory requirements.

You can help safeguard your money.

Check your account often and notify the bank immediately if you suspect fraud.

Your First Western banker is listening and ready to act.

Reach out to your First Western banker with any concerns. The community banking industry is strong and ready to help.

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