Certificates of Deposit

With terms ranging from three months to five years, you can relax knowing your money is growing.

  • Minimum deposit $500 unless indicated otherwise
  • Interest compounds annually
  • You may request to have interest paid out at no fee
  • Early withdrawal penalty
    • Three months interest on terms of one year or less
    • Six months interest on terms greater than one year

Educational CDs

Invest in a child’s future with our Educational Certificate of Deposit.

  • Minimum deposit of only $25
  • Setup automatic transfers from your checking or savings account
  • Withdraw funds anytime after the child’s 17th birthday without penalty
  • Make an unlimited number of deposits into the account until the child’s 24th birthday or until the first distribution date


Investing in an Individual Retirement Account with First Western Bank & Trust is a great way to help you save for the future. We offer Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. Contact us today to find out which plan suits your investment needs.