April is Community Banking Month. First Western Bank & Trust is reminding consumers: Where you choose to bank and with whom matters.

We want to thank our existing customers for their patronage and urge them to help sustain local communities today, tomorrow and for generations to come. When you deposit money at First Western Bank & Trust, those funds are used to support local businesses, homebuyers, and everyday consumers. The proceeds from those businesses employ local residents, fund projects, and continue the cycle of locally based economic growth.

Here’s what community banks do for you:

  • Community banks respect and honor their community ties. Community banks and local communities have symbiotic relationships—one cannot thrive without the other.
  • Community banks are relationship lenders. They know their customers and understand their financial needs.
  • Community banks understand and embrace local businesses. A study from the Federal Reserve found that small businesses that apply for loans with community banks are the most successful and most satisfied.
  • Community banks give back. Serving local communities is second nature to community banks.

Community banks are only successful if our customers and communities are too — join us in helping to build a more sustainable, vibrant economy!